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A point in time where something special was born. My trip to Italy...


20.1.18 – Naples, Italy 

Antonio greeted me at the taxi rank of the Naples main train station.

He was a passionate taxi driver who had lived in Naples his whole life. In the 20-minute ride to my hotel, Antonio had flooded me with information about his beautiful city.

Over the next few days Antonio became my tour guide, always asking ‘what do you want to see?‘ My reply was always ‘ Food, your favourite spots, and more food!’

During our journey, we visited a famous wood carving shop. As we entered, Antonio mumbled ‘I like too much‘ under his breath. 

We then visited his favourite pizza shop. I asked him why this pizza shop, out of the hundreds in Naples, was his Favourite?

I got the same answer, ‘I like too much’.

Antonio’s passion for Naples, and food, got me thinking about my own journey, the things that I like too much.

All I wanted to do when I started my own food journey when I was 15 was to serve what I loved to eat and drink. I wanted to serve the things that I like too much. 

Driven by passion, I spent my hours cooking in the kitchen, and working the front of house. My weekends were spent catering for all types of events, and my spare time was spent working on our vegetable gardens that overgrew in the front and back yard of my house.

The things I liked too much earned O.My two chef hats in four years.
My experiences and my skills had been formed by my passions.

Antonio was onto something. 

I LIKE TOO MUCH stuck with me for the rest of my Italian journey. It reminded me that life is about surrounding yourself with the things that you love, and making them your passion.

Now I wanted to share the things that I LIKE TOO MUCH with the world. That's why I what I love is now on offer for you to taste and indulge, to sip and scull. 

Welcome to, I LIKE TOO MUCH.


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