Celebration time, come on! Virtual Pinot & Pasta Classes

Woohoo! First of all, we want to give a big shout out to all the Dads our there from last weekend. We think you’re awesome. Just sharing the vibe. Sharing the love.

Although still in the Melbourne Covid-19 Lockdown we’re very much aware of how different family gatherings will be. When you connect with the people you care about in life there’s always reason to celebrate, especially when you throw into the mix the enjoyment of good food... and a good glass of wine too! And that my friends is our passion. Its what we love to do and invite you to enjoy one of life’s special moments with your own Pinot & Pasta Class.

“But what about social distancing?” I hear you say.

Well, we have you covered (just kidding).

Its a virtual class where we share some fun screen time, so no ducking behind the computer to try and hide your mistakes. And no trying to press the Escape button either ‘cause you’ll have flour all over your fingers. This is a night of fun and flavour where you get to savour the delicious fresh pasta you have just created under the guidance of Chef Tyson who’s passion for pasta is legendary!

“But will it be just me?” you wail.

“Pasta & Pinot Class Party” we say.

So, this is virtual class. Ideally we cap the number of persons at six. That can be whoever lives in your household and wants to join in or up to an additional three households. You’ll need a laptop or computer screen positioned on or near your kitchen bench in order to view Chef Tyson and follow along as he demonstrates and guides you through each step of your pasta making process.

“But I want to invite someone with dietary requirements like Gluten Free” you say.

They’re more than welcome!

We have considered that we’re all different and our choice of dietary requirements and means there is something for all to enjoy. Everyone will finish the night saying “I Like Too Much!”.

Choose either a Friday, Sunday or Tuesday evening for your virtual party night and we arrange contactless delivery of everything needed the day prior to your class. We even include a music playlist to help kick off that party vibe! After a fun night is had learning to be hands on with the art of making delicious fresh pasta, you’ll enjoy the results of your efforts aided by a very nice drop of wine to help it along. Nice to know you can relax on the lounge afterwards as its only a few steps away!

We arrange to collect the food preparation items the next day. You keep the memories of one of life’s special moments shared with family or friends and congratulate yourself for bringing everyone together to enjoy the fun of learning a new skill at your own virtual Pinot & Pasta Class.

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