Delicious Menu, Fresh Produce

We've been catering for over 10 years, hosting over 200+ private catering events, serving up fresh, authentically prepared menus with as much local produce from around Victoria we can get our hands on.  

Fresh and unique menus are what we do, with professional and friendly staff that help bring your event to life and make it as special as it can be. 

Pinot & Pasta Classes

One of the things we love to do most is come into your home or offices to teach the authentic way on how to make pasta, all with a rolling pin in one hand and a glass of pinot in the other. 

Our Pinot & Pasta Classes are run 7 days and are perfect to bring friends, family or your collegues together for fun & a great experience. 

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From the get-go, our business has always been about sharing what we like too much, whether that be through catering beautiful events such as weddings or product launches, or through teaching people the authentic Italian way of how to make pasta in the comfort of their very own homes. Since COVID-19, we've had to think outside the box and create new ways in which we can still be able to bring the love of food to you and your home. Let’s face it, things will never be the same, but we think for the better! We're exited to be hosting our Pinot & Pasta classes again and catering for small and large events. We love too much! 




Tyson began cooking at 15 and even dropped out of school as his heart just wasn't in a traditional education. All he wanted to do was to serve the food he loved to eat and drink. After a trip to Italy and in being the head chef in a number of restaurants including the two hatted restaurant OMY that he started with his brothers, Tyson went out on his own to start I Like Too Much. Starting with Pinot & Pasta Parties, it has now grown to categoring small and large catering functions and during covid, fresh Italian delivery.



Katrina joined the I Like Too Much journey, after Tyson and her fell in love on the dance floor at the Espy. It wasn't before long that she took over the Marketing and Business Development reigns growing the business into what it is today. Katrina has over 16 years experience working for some of Australian well known brands, running their online stores and driving sales. She also lectures at RMIT and supports creative Entrepreneurs on how to start and run a fashion business.

About us


20.1.18 – Naples, Italy 

Antonio greeted me at the taxi rank of the main train station in Naples. 

He was a passionate taxi driver who had lived in Naples his entire life. In the 20-minute ride to my hotel, Antonio had flooded me with information about his beautiful city.

Over the next few days Antonio became my local tour guide, always asking, ‘what do you want to see?‘ My response was always the same. ‘Food, your favourite spots, and more food!’

During my trip, we visited a famous wood carving shop. As we entered, Antonio mumbled ‘I like too much‘ under his breath. 

We then visited his favourite pizza shop. I asked him, out of the hundreds in Naples, why this pizza shop was his favourite?

I got the same answer, ‘I like too much’.

Antonio’s passion for Naples and food, got me thinking about my own journey, the things that I like too much.

Delivering Fresh Pasta, Sauces & Wine in Melbourne
Delivering Fresh Pasta, Sauces & Wine in Melbourne
Delivering Fresh Pasta, Sauces & Wine in Melbourne
Delivering Fresh Pasta, Sauces & Wine in Melbourne
Delivering Fresh Pasta, Sauces & Wine in Melbourne
Delivering Fresh Pasta, Sauces & Wine in Melbourne
Delivering Fresh Pasta, Sauces & Wine in Melbourne
Delivering Fresh Pasta, Sauces & Wine in Melbourne

When I was 15, I started my own food journey. All I wanted to do was to serve the food I loved to eat and drink. I wanted to serve the things that I LIKE TOO MUCH.

Driven by passion, I spent my hours cooking in the kitchen, and working the front of house of our family's restaurant. My weekends were spent catering for all types of events and in my spare time involved the upkeep of our vegetable gardens that overgrew in the front and back yard of my house.

The things I liked too much proudly earned me my two chef hats in four years. Over the years, my experiences and my skills had been formed by my passions.

Antonio was onto something. I LIKE TOO MUCH stuck with me for the rest of my Italian journey. It reminded me that life is about surrounding yourself with the things that you love, and making them your passion.

I now want to share the things I LIKE TOO MUCH with the world.

That's why what I love is now on offer for you to taste and indulge, to sip and scull. 

Welcome to, I LIKE TOO MUCH.