The Joy of Sharing

There’s a buzz in the air with the sound of voices and the happy bantering between family and friends. It’s the secret ingredient that is part of Italian cuisine passed down through the generations.

There are fourteen main regions in Italy and each has its own take on preparing pasta and gnocchi. Throughout the cosmopolitan cities and century-old hill towns with their tiled roofs, fountains and churches, or the Italian countryside and seacoast villages set against vineyards, the culinary treasures in the accompanying pasta sauces reflect the produce of each region, all prepared with love.

From the inspired cuisine of sun-drenched Rome with a past steeped in Gargantuan banquets, the flavoursome dish Spagetti all’ Amatriciana with its tomato sauce remains a classic and the most famous of all pasta dishes. The rich volcanic soil around Rome produces mineral rich vegetables adding great depth of flavour to simple dishes such as Gnocchi di Patate (potato Gnocchi) which can be typically dressed with either a meat sauce or a tomato sauce. Also a favourite in the region of Verona, Gnocchi di Patate is traditionally served as the first part of a meal.

We were recently honoured with a request to prepare a batch of “my favourite Gnocchi” for a gorgeous little boy celebrating his first birthday. The delightful photo of our special customer Bohdi enjoying his favourite Gnocchi just melted our hearts. This moment captures the joy of sharing and why we love what we do. Its moments like these that I Like Too Much!

Bodhi's 1st Birthday

Often referred to as comfort food there is nothing quite like homemade pasta and gnocchi. Especially during a lockdown!

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